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A pearl bracelet with a "secret" message

Pearls & gold morse code Bracelet

€ 29,00Price
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  • This is part of the Marietta's Pearl Morse code pieces. Using pearls and 18k gold pleated beads, we can create your personal piece of jewelry with a small message.

    The code is not a secret, but if someone sees it, they just see a beautiful jewelry piece. Only you, and those who you tell, will know what it means.

    It is also a modern and updated version that still has the elegance  of the classic pieces.

    Note that these bracelets are made with genuine pearls and by nature each pearl is unique. So they might not look exactly like the ones in the pictures but very similar.

    You can style it with a casual outfit to elevate your style or with a smarter option, it is a very versatile statement piece. 

    And how special is it that it is uniquely yours?

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