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Hola, I'm Maria,

the creative mind

behind Marietta's

With Marietta's, I want to encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and celebrate self-love.

My mission is simple,

 to bring daily joy through beautiful, personalized jewelry.

Maria in the Mariettas Atelier
Pearl Hoop I earrings

What sets Marietta’s apart?

It's the possibility to create something truly yours.

From Pearl Morse Code messages to custom initials, and by using natural pearls, each piece tells a unique story. 

What inspired Marietta's?

Marietta's is the fusion of three of my greatest passions.


About the first one: I've been looking for ways to empower women, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and love themselves first.

We all know the importance of self-love, but sometimes we need a reminder.

Charlotte with her pearl necklace
Maria in the Mariettas Atelier making earrings

And then there's my enduring love for creating beautiful things. I used to paint and craft jewelry all the time when I was younger.

Rediscovering this passion has been a joyful journey.

What makes Marietta's even more personal is my choice of materials. Freshwater pearls, the heart of my jewelry, hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of my beloved grandmothers, with whom I shared a close bond 🤍

Merging all of these passions with the skills I've honed working at amazing startups over the last decade brought me to where I am today.

Creating jewelry while encouraging women to love themselves through my brand is a dream come true.

The cherry on top is seeing how your Marietta’s pieces make you happy. It's incredibly fulfilling to know that something I create can bring joy to your everyday life.

So, I'm thrilled to continue this journey with you and share more stories, inspirations, and, of course, beautiful jewelry.

Kessly with her Mariettas earrings

Now explore my collections, customize your piece, and remember that like each pearl, we are all beautiful and unique.

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