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Very trendy yet at the same time a classic, this rectangular statemen hoop earrings are THE piece to add to your jewelry box!

Rectangular stainless steel hoops with custom charms made with natural materials.

hoops III

€ 34,00Price
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  • The timeless and super wearable hoops I are your favorite (and mine)! Made of golden stainless-steel, they maintain the color and don't stain. They are also very comfortable, so you can wear them every day and for any occasion.
    The option to change the charms gives you many possibilities to complement any outfit.

    Check out the separate charms to add on to your hoops I

    Note that these charms are made with natural materials and each piece is unique so they might not look exactly like the ones in the pictures but very similar.

    Length: 16 mm

    PS You can also wear them without the charms.

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